Important Topics Environment & Ecology for UPSC

Focus areas in Environment & Ecology for UPSC prelims and IAS mains:

  1. Environmental Ecology
  2. Biodiversity
  3. Climate Change
  4. Institutions
  5. Acts/Laws/Policies related to Environment


Concept of System

Understanding the Ecosystem

Energy Cycle

Important Terms


    • Genetic Diversity
    • Species Diversity
    • Ecosystem Diversity
    • Value of Biodiversity
    • List of modern drugs derived from Plant sources
    • Endemic and Exotic species

Endemic Species and their regions

Conservation of Biodiversity

    • In-situ
    • Ex-situ

Constitutional Provisions

Statutory Acts/Bodies

International Conferences/Protocols

Climate Change -a brief

Climate Change

    • Implications for India
    • Response to Climate Change
    • National Action Plan on Climate Change


    • Categories
    • Causes
    • Types of Particulates
    • International Conventions

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